SEATAMIN: local, healthy and sustainable food from land-based seaweed cultivation in Belgium

15 October 2022 → 14 October 2024
Regional and community funding: Industrial Research Fund
Research disciplines
  • Agricultural and food sciences
    • Aquaculture
Land-based cultivation Sustainable food production Alternative proteins Seaweed Food security
Project description

SEATAMIN aims to prepare the establishment of a spin-off company (mid 2024). SEATAMIN tackles the rising demand for sustainable and healthy food through locally produced seaweed in a closed land-based system, enabling year-round production and ensuring the highest quality. SEATAMIN builds on the results of the IOF-ConcepTT SEACROPS which demonstrated the technical feasibility of year-round production of red seaweed Palmaria on a semi-commercial scale (3 m³). Next to preparing an extensive business plan and strengthening our IP position, SEATAMIN will:

1. Reduce production costs by optimizing the recirculating aquaculture system, controling visual characteristics (size/shape/color) and biochemical composition (antioxidants/pigments/proteins) of the seaweeds for higher value.

2. Increase the number of cultivated species for product diversification and resilience against possible pathogen outbreaks.

3. Develop preservation, packaging and processing (drying/freezing/fermenting) protocols of fresh biomass for increased shelf life.

4. Build feedback loops with potential customers on supply chain and product characteristics.