Inventory of aboveground preserved WWI relics of the Antwerp Südabschnitt (Small Brabant to channel Shots-Turnhout)

30 July 2013 → 29 November 2013
Funding by decentralised authorities
Research disciplines
  • Humanities
    • History
WWI relics
Project description

In performing the contract: Analysis and localization of WWI aerial photos of the Antwerp region from the Imperial War Museum (London) has become clear that a lot of these English WWI aerial's visible military relics, still present and visible in the landscape. Service Heritage wishes to proceed with an investigation into this fragile heritage at all levels with the commemoration of the First World War gets attention. Nar termination of this contract will thus have a complete picture of the preserved military heritage of the Antwerp part of the so-called "Fortress Antwerp / Antwerp Fortress'. All this information will also be documented in a scientifically correct and uniform manner. The job involves desk research, field work and reporting. The command results in digital and paper report. There should provide at least three consultation meetings to be a kick-off meeting, an interim agreement and valuatievergadering