SCAFFOLD_ePortfolios to Scaffold Workplace Learning in Health Education

01 January 2020 → 31 December 2023
Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO)
Research disciplines
  • Social sciences
    • Medicine, nursing and health curriculum and pedagogics
    • Teacher education and professional development of educators
    • Continuing education and lifelong learning
    • Higher education
portfolio workplace learning medical sciences competences validation multimedia interdisciplinary
Project description

The SCAFFOLD project answers the urgent need to innovate workplace learning in health education. It develops a validated e-Portfolio to support competence development. Current portfolios are mainly paper based, do not involve all stakeholders, are not linked to all administrative systems, not based on full competence frameworks, contain static proofs, do not build on generic procedures, or offer user training user, and do not map the full educational career. Health-education embraces inter-university, university, bachelor and ISCED level 5 (HBO5). SCAFFOLD integrates 7 work packages.

WP1 delivers Proof-of-Concepts (mock-ups, lab prototypes and workplace prototypes). PoCs are used in WP4 to 6. WP2 delivers validated generic user procedures in three health education settings and develops innovative training conceptions. User procedures/training built on input from and tested in WP4 to 6. WP3 defines legal implications of e-Portfolios in (a) health and (b) educational settings: privacy, storage and access to data. Input is taken from WP4 to 6. WP4 focuses on mother-child health education settings. WP5 looks at General Practitioner training. WP6 looks at bachelor and HBO5 level general health education (nursing, midwifery, speech pathology,..). WP4 to 6 present validation settings for WP1 to 3, and study the impact in their specific setting. These WPs focus on user requirements, functional/technical specs; testing mock-up/prototypes; development of usage procedures and training, defining quality criteria, and evaluation. This results in innovative and evidence-based e-Portfolio PoCs. WP7 focuses on project management and valorization.

The SCAFFOLD PoC will be available for all Flemish health education institutions, and has the potential for international upscaling and use in other educational programs. Up to 30000 users/year are projected. Recommendation letters of up to 35 advisory members support the e-Portfolio solution as pursued in the SCAFFOLD project.