Integrated Walk-Through PET-CT

20 January 2024 → 30 June 2026
Regional and community funding: Industrial Research Fund
Research disciplines
  • Medical and health sciences
    • Nuclear imaging
Imaging total body PET CT
Project description

MEDISIP-UGent is developing an innovative, cost-efficient Total-Body PET scanner – the Walk-Through PET (WT-PET, ) – consisting of two vertical flat panels for simultaneous head and torso imaging of standing patients. This groundbreaking configuration cuts scanning time to under a minute while enhancing patient comfort. The advanced detectors offer sub-2mm spatial resolution, substantially elevating image quality and accuracy. The WT-PET is supported by FWO's large scale research infrastructure Sphynx grant (PI. Stefaan Vandenberghe) and built in collaboration with Comate Engineering as a subcontractor. Nowadays a clinical PET scanner is almost always combined with a CT system to obtain anatomical imaging correlation. This project therefore aims to build a CT-extension for the WT-PET with patients in standing position. A platform will move the patient sideways to obtain the CT image after the PET. Motion minimization and tracking methods will be designed to ensure optimal image quality and registration between PET and CT.