Jaafar Alloul

Research disciplines
  • Humanities
    • Middle Eastern history
    • World history
    • Arabic languages
    • Middle Eastern languages
    • Study of Islam and quranic studies
    • Religion and society
    • Transregional studies
  • Social sciences
    • Anthropology of economy and development
    • Area studies
    • Ethnicity and migration studies
    • Political and legal anthropology
    • Postcolonial studies
    • Social and cultural anthropology
    • Urban anthropology
    • Cultural sociology
    • Political sociology
    • Sociology of religion
    • Migration
    • Social change
    • Generations and intergenerational relations
    • Sociology of education
    • Sociology of deviance
    • Immigration
    • Citizenship
    • Political inequality
    • Democratisation
    • Development studies
    • Diplomacy
    • Globalisation
    • Institutions and regimes
    • International politics
    • Political economy
    • Security, peace and conflict
    • Political theory
medical anthropology decoloniality state and nation building migration sociology anthropology of development Middle East & North Africa (MENA) Persian Gulf & Arab Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states human capital development social class integration & citizenship regimes skilled migration & elite transnationalism scientific migration political economy of conflict international development politics political Islam West Asia second-generations in Europe EU migration policies UNRWA UNILO international labour politics refugees & asylum cultural sociology development cooperation postcolonial studies