RESEARCH AND INNOVATION AGENDA WITH AND FOR SOCIETY: Leveraging digital innovation for a greener and healthier Europe

01 September 2021 → 31 August 2024
European funding: framework programme
Research disciplines
  • Social sciences
    • Other social sciences not elsewhere classified
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Project description

With ENLIGHT RISE (Research and Innovation agenda with and for SociEty) we will support ENLIGHT in its R&I dimension, to deploy a comprehensive joint transformation agenda, in synergy with the educational component, in partnership with surrounding ecosystems, and with the overarching goal of serving our societal missions. The objective is to become more competitive and innovative together, leveraging and synergizing our respective strengths and capitalizing on our innovation potential and partnerships with our surrounding ecosystems to jointly promote a greener, healthier, more equitable and sustainable Europe.

Role of Ghent University
Ghent University participates in all 9 work packages of the ENLIGHT RISE project. Ghent University takes the lead of the work package dealing with the creation of synergies towards an ENLIGHT Research & Innovation agenda. Ghent University will co-lead a work package dealing with the promotion of early career development & the improvement of researcher assessment systems, a second work package dealing with the optimization of Open Science practices, and a third work package dealing with the overall management of the ENLIGHT RISE project and the dissemination and exploitation of the project outcome. Ghent University will also contribute to the other 5 work packages. These work packages deal with the establishment of a sustainable business model towards a collaborative R&I agenda, the set-up of a roadmap towards shared digital research infrastructures between the 9 ENLIGHT RISE partners, the set-up of a roadmap for an ENLIGHT European Innovation District, the co-creation of R&I actions with society, and an impact assessment of the common ENLIGHT R&I agenda and the identification of the frontiers of such a common R&I agenda.