Markers and Makers of Tradition: The Serially Published Modernist "Little" Anthology (1912-1930)

01 October 2017 → 31 August 2021
Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO)
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Tradition Modernist Anthology
Project description

The magazine and the anthology were two important vehicles for the dissemination of poetry

during the early twentieth century. In modernist studies, much focus has been given to the

magazine and its seminal role in the creation of literary modernism. In contrast, much less work

exists on the modernist poetry anthology. This is surprising since many modernist poetry

anthologies and modernist magazines had close relationships to one another, and, in some cases,

were even affiliated. This project studies the modernist poetry anthology in relation to the

modernist magazine to shed new light on the formation of a modernist tradition. It examines a

corpus of serially published modernist poetry anthologies and related or affiliated modernist

magazines to uncover the anthology’ role in the literary environment of the early twentieth

century. By examining these two publication types in tandem, the project will provide insight into

how authors disseminated their works through a variety of publications and how editors re-edited

modernism by republishing poetry in the anthology. The project first explores how the magazine

and the anthology relate to one another. Second, it analyzes how poetry functioned differently in

these two publication contexts. Finally, it examines how authors and editors participated in the

formation of a modernist "canon" through their roles as contributors to and/or editors of these