Ellipsometer coupled electrochemical 'Quatrz crystal microbalance' for the characterisation of material surfaces.

22 July 2010 → 01 December 2015
Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO)
Research disciplines
  • Natural sciences
    • Organic chemistry
Quartz crystal microbalance
Project description

 Since multiple partners are involved in the application, it will be very important to streamline the multiple analyses to be performed using the ELLI-EQCM. Therefore, the lab manager from the coordinating laboratory (Ing. Veerle Boterberg who has a fixed position at UGent), will be responsible for planning the measurements. For each measurement to be performed, an Analysis Request form will need to be sent electronically to Ing. Veerle Boterberg who will keep track in this way also of the log book of the ELLI-EQCM. The Analysis Request form will contain the following items: (1) type of analysis (QCM, ellipsometer or combined), (2) 10 line description of the experiment, (3) number of samples, (4) indication if first-use training is required or not. Based on this input, the measurements will be scheduled in the planning. During the weekly staff meetings at PBM, the status of the ELLI-EQCM will be a fixed discussion item. If needed and after consultation of the ELLI-EQCM consortium members, corrective actions will be taken. For the first three years, an indicative usage plan is given in the table below. During year 1-3, the % use by ELLI-EQCM partners and other users indicated in § 1.5 will slowly decrease. This is logical since during the first year, the establishment of the new methods for measuring the various samples will be time consuming.