CO2 and CH4 as carriers of regional development (Power to gas)

01 February 2014 → 31 December 2014
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CO2 and CH4
Project description

  POWER TO GAS CO2 and CH4 as carriers for regional development, from problem to opportunity Interreg Flanders-Netherlands-IVA-VLANED 2.68 Prof. Jan Desmet The objective of the project is to strengthen the economic competitiveness of the region by providing a basis for a profitable C02 and CH4 infrastructure on both sides of the border. In this way, the transition from Jang- encouraged to kart cyclical energy and can further enhance the region's their position on this in Europe. To enable the above objectives to C02 and C02 and CH4 CH4 sources and demand warden mapped. Should further studied warden done to C02 purification and must transport 2013 2oso infrastructure (especially pipelines) warden well mapped in the border region. The locations of renewable energy should be identified and should warden done research into the conversion of renewable electricity to save those long as methane.