E-course on multilingualism and learning

15 October 2021 → 14 October 2022
European funding: various
Research disciplines
  • Humanities
    • Language acquisition
  • Social sciences
    • Language curriculum and pedagogics
    • Second language learning
    • Teacher education and professional development of educators
multilingualism language policy learning language acquisition professionalization
Project description

Steunpunt Diversiteit & Leren (SDL) has future ambitions in the area of e-learning. Thorough didactic and technical expertise in the field of e-learning is currently lacking. In this project, SDL and Tecolab, both affiliated with Ghent University, are jointly developing an ecourse in multilingualism and learning for working teachers in primary and secondary education by combining their complementary expertise. During the project, SDL secures the acquired expertise on e-learning in the
own organization in order to use them permanently after the project ends for the development of other e-learning programs in SDL expertise themes. Moreover, it is our ambition to roll out these e-learning paths widely in Flanders and to implement and supervise them qualitatively through a reciprocal collaboration with the field and through a strong partnership with school supporters