ASH-CEM: Novel Cements & building Materials from Incineration Ashes

01 January 2016 → 30 September 2019
Regional and community funding: various
Research disciplines
  • Engineering and technology
    • Ceramic and glass materials
    • Materials science and engineering
    • Semiconductor materials
    • Other materials engineering
building materials from ashes
Project description

ASH-CEM is focused on the development of a new type of binder, both as a cement carbonation based, by making use of treated MSWI burning of axles (MSWI: Municipal Solid Waste Incinerators-Fixed municipal / municipal waste incinerators). These binders aim on the one hand on precast or ready-mixed concrete for structural applications in reinforced concrete or not on the basis of cement, and on the other hand on the earth-moist concrete press applications (for paving stones, kerbstones, etc.) or not on the basis of carbonation.