SAFE-SPORT: for a safe sport climate in Flanders.

15 December 2022 → 15 February 2024
Regional and community funding: various
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interpersonal violence sport coaching
Project description

Although the majority of organised sport participants enjoy the many health and social benefits of sport (Bjørnarå et al., 2021), organised sport, like other social sectors, is an environment in which interpersonal violence can take place. If sport is to continue to play its positive social role to the full, interpersonal violence must be prevented at all levels of sport. Although actions have recently been taken at the international and Flemish policy level, the prevention of interpersonal violence in sport can still be further strengthened. In recent years, the focus has mainly been on mapping the nature and extent of the problem and installing safeguarding policies. This has given rise to many valuable initiatives that are being rolled out in various federations under the encouragement of Sport Flanders and the Centre for Ethics in Sport (ICES). A necessary next step is to further develop and strengthen the prevention of interpersonal violence in sport. The SAFE-Sport consortium wants to make an important contribution to this. This grant application aims to: 
(a) map the level of acceptance and normalisation of interpersonal violence among coaches and athletes in order to stimulate a constructive dialogue between both target groups (WP1).
(b) to map the knowledge, awareness, attitudes, norms and competences of (para-)medical professionals in the entourage of sport participants regarding the detection and responses to interpersonal violence, in order to develop tools to encourage positive bystander behaviour from there (WP2).
(c) detect risk and protective factors in Flemish gymnasts in order to develop preventive initiatives from there (WP3).