Local Food supply communicated through a transactional searchable MAP based APPlication (FoodMAPP) to promote short food supply chains; food security; business development and reduction in food waste.

01 March 2023 → 28 February 2027
European funding: framework programme
Research disciplines
  • Social sciences
    • Agricultural and natural resource economics, environmental and ecological economics
    • Consumer behaviour
    • Market research
    • Strategic design
Local food food waste food provisioning market research application
Other information
Project description

The European strategic plan to fight climate change requires impactful changes to the food industry and a reduction in food waste, as well as a change in the fragile, complicated supply chain of industrial-scale food producers and the creation of a novel, fair and sustainable food industry. The EU-funded FoodMAPP project aims at the transformation of food supply by enabling and promoting transparent local provision from local producers, including family farmers, and processors directly to consumers. It will gather extensive market intelligence from all stakeholders to understand market demand and preferences towards localised food supply transparency. This research will inform the development of a dynamic searchable map-based platform enabling local providers to supply and sell produce directly to consumers.

Role of Ghent University
Ghent University will lead Work Package 1 focusing on stakeholder requirements and consumer preferences for local food supply and related applications.
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