Diagnostic examinations of an autologous tumor-immune xenograft as a test platform for immunotherapeutic intervention with non-small cell lung cancer

01 January 2011 → 31 December 2013
Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO)
Research disciplines
  • Natural sciences
    • Systems biology
autologous tumor-immune xenograft
Project description

1. A systematic mapping of the dynamic interactions between growing tumors and the immune system, with a
dissection of molecular mechanisms leading to suppression/subversion of DCs and effector lymphocytes
particularly in lung cancer
2. Use this new knowledge to (i) manipulate DCs ex-vivo in order to create a vaccine resistant to the most
relevant in vivo suppressive signals, (ii) disrupt the immunosuppressive networks in the host so that the antitumor
lymphocytes elicited by the vaccine can fulfil their function unhampered.
Two different preclinical models will be used in the years to come, (i) a syngeneic mouse model of lung cancer
and (ii) a novel experimental platform in which immunodeficient mice are transplanted with autologous human
tumor and immune system.