Consulting agreement ERANID project call

01 March 2014 → 15 September 2014
Federal funding: various
Research disciplines
  • Social sciences
    • Health psychology
    • Orthopedagogics and special education not elsewhere classified
    • Punishment and criminal justice
drug research
Project description

Under supervision of DWTI, Consultant will provide the following work:

Task 3.2 Strategic Research Agenda (Task leader BELSPO) - extract from the Description of Work attached to the Grant Agreement

The outcomes of task 3.1 - the long list of research priorities - will then be analysed and compiled according to a number of methodological criteria (according to their regional/European added value, their transversality, the underlying multidisciplinary approach required, according to the classical division demand/supply, according to their occurrence in several countries and thus their "Priority"....) resulting in a draft Strategic Research Agenda (SRA).

The SRA is composed of research topics constructed on the basis of the Long List of priorities for research (output from task 3.1) that need further examination in the lights of:
- Past funded research
- current drugs strategies and Action Plant at national and EU level
- National discussions on priorities
- Additional criteria such as those referred in the DOW and, eventually, other that will emerge from data analysis