Is the occurrence of the T2/HT-2 mycotoxin complex in cereals a new and actual problem in the food and feed chain?

01 March 2012 → 28 February 2014
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chemotype fusarium HT-2 toxin risk evaluation T-2 toxin
Project description

This project will use an explorative approach to assemble qualitative and quantitative T-2 and HT-2 data in small grain cereals and cereal-based products in Belgium; to elucidate the occurrence of T-2 and HT-2 producing Fusarium species and their genetic diversity; to identify the presence of other mycotoxins produced by F. poae and F. langsethiae; to assess the importance of other Fusarium species within the T-2/HT-2 complex and to implement a preliminary risk assessment for T-2, HT-2 and other mycotoxins based on an exposure estimation.