Mode of action studies of a new plant growth activator

01 January 2018 → Ongoing
Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO)
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plant growth activator
Project description

This project aims to characterize the mode of action of a novel plant growth activator A68,

previously identified through a chemical genetics screen and shown to improve plant growth of

Arabidopsis plants grown under normal and osmotic stress conditions in vitro or drought stress in

soil. We will adopt the thermal proteome profiling to monitor the protein-A68 interactions using

multiplexed quantitative mass spectrometry and take advantage of gene expression studies.

Detailed dissection of the effects of the chemical activator at mRNA transcript and protein levels will

yield insights into the molecular mechanisms determining the improved plant growth phenotypes.

The obtained information will ultimately lead to the discovery of novel candidate genes for

increasing crop yield and/or enhancing abiotic stress tolerance.