LOcal Alliance for Integration

01 December 2017 → 30 November 2019
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Project description

During the last 2 years Europe and particularly Greece have faced the largest refugee and migrant flows in their recent history. The need for integrating Third County Nationals (TCN) into society and thus promoting their active participation into the aspects of society covering the educational, social, labor and health sector, becomes more urgent than ever. The aim of this project is moving into this direction by the creation of a platform where consultations between actors from both local society and TCNs will take place. Under this platform both groups will have the chance to exchange opinions, share experiences and practices which will lead from the one hand to the establishment of strong relationships and boosting of common activities and on the other hand they will become a voice into the “immigrant Integration Councils”which have been already established and operating since 2010 in Greece. The project has chosen the city of Thessaloniki to implement its actions since it seems that the respective “immigrant Integration Council”and the needs of the city for a more coordinated approach constitute an urgent priority. The Platform will represent a wider range of TCNs which in close cooperation with the Municipality of Thessaloniki will enhance and support common activities. Before the platform establishment, necessary capacity building activities (trainings and workshops), will take place and dissemination actions as well, so as to prepare the ground of both groups for a fruitful cooperation. These activities and actions will be designed in line with the findings of a thorough research on best practices on EU and National level that will have been conducted. Therefore, the objective of the proposed project is to promote the active participation of TCNs in important aspects of community and societal life and enhance the capacities of local authorities in order to effectively address factors that may lead to the marginalization and socio-economic exclusion of TCNs