Tree and wood quality research for the Flemish forest and wood sector: evaluation of properties and uses of wood from sustainably managed stocks, supporting the research assignments of INBO

01 March 2008 → 28 February 2009
Regional and community funding: various
Research disciplines
  • Agricultural and food sciences
    • Forestry sciences
Flemish wood sector
Project description

This project includes the following priority research points: A. In the context of sustainable forest management and ecological afforestation, longer operating times and more hardwoods are central, is a techno-economic evaluation of the production of the under this policy produce wood necessary. B. Within the framework of the various selection programs programs at the Institute for Forestry and Game Management is looking for cooperation for wood quality assessment -technical and distribution products. But under the bosecologische research and research related to forest protection a demand for supporting research is related with wood quality and technology. C. Furthermore, there is precious little in Flanders known what happens to the wood produced. Research on timber flows is urgently needed. Moreover, there is need to compare the various wood products based on native wood (include timber / veneer) mutual respect of their lifecycle. With the commercialization of the wood from the forest region, it is important to have workable criteria for determining the quality. Finally, it is important already seen half of the hardwood produced in Flanders consists of poplar, to look for opportunities to better valorise this wood by developing forward-looking wood.