Project "Development and application of a sports association support model for sports clubs in Flanders"

15 May 2017 → 14 May 2022
Regional and community funding: various
Research disciplines
  • Social sciences
    • Sports and leisure management
  • Medical and health sciences
    • Sports sciences
    • Human movement and sports sciences not elsewhere classified
sport clubs leadership motivation management volunteers
Project description

In order to be able to evolve into a strong, sustainable, socially committed sports association, the operation (sports facilities, infrastructure, finance, administration, ....) must first have a good basic level. It is not the primary purpose of this assignment to use this. There is already a wide range of partners in the Flemish sports landscape (VSF, Dynamo, sports federations, local authorities, VTS, Sportwerk Vlaanderen, ISB, private organizations, etc.).
This project aims at developing, implementing and evaluating realistic, implementable and scientifically-based methodology (s) / form (s) of sports association support for the policy-making ability of sports associations. Flanders. This should ultimately enable them to analyze their own operation and the environment, develop their own strategic policies and increase the available competence and capacity of the association to implement concrete policy themes faster and more sustainable. It must also enable sports clubs to fully absorb their social role. The developed forms of sports association support do not focus on solving the symptomatic (basic) but on the underlying competencies and preconditions to be able to develop and implement a strategic policy. During the implementation of the project, permanent transfer of knowledge is important, but it will also be ensured that the developed methods are implemented in a sustainable manner in the sports sector, so that after the project they can roll out the acquired knowledge and expertise on Flanders more widely. . Sports association support is initially aimed at the board level, but in order to implement a successful policy, support is also required among the main stakeholders of a sports club, namely sports coaches, parents / volunteers and the athletes themselves. Oil will therefore be charged for the development of the above mentioned methods.
The developed methods used in a number of pilot sports associations. UGent's flanking research looks at whether there is significant progress in the proposed objectives.
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