Conducting a scientific study to obtain tactical information about fencing through the criminal process of questioning wandering offenders benefit of the judicial police

19 November 2008 → 18 May 2009
Federal funding: various
Research disciplines
  • Social sciences
    • Criminology
Project description

Through perpetrator interrogation of captured itinerant offenders complete the existing knowledge on healing processes of stolen goods at the tactical level. We would like to limit ourselves to criminal groups of Romanian origin or organizations which operate mainly Romanians. What processes affect healing? Which individuals organize the healing? What determines their choice of target? Are the locations waa stolen is linked with the kind of good to steal them? Which goods are stolen? Where are the repositories of the goods? Which channels are used to deliver the goods? What happens to the profits generated by the healing? Those who place the order? Where are the markets where goods are healed? What is healed in Belgium? What is being done with the money from these sales? How long will the stolen goods in Belgium? How they are transported and where? A secondary question is deterrent gauge of the court system in Belgium?