Solar-Assisted Treatment of Urine (and manure) with Recovery of Nutrients (SATURN)

01 January 2018 → 31 March 2020
Regional and community funding: Industrial Research Fund
Research disciplines
  • Natural sciences
    • Inorganic chemistry
    • Organic chemistry
    • Theoretical and computational chemistry
    • Other chemical sciences
water treatment membrane manure nutrient recovery urine treatment
Project description

he SATURN (Solar Assisted Treatment of Urine with Recovery of Nutrients) technology has its origins a doctorate, whose main goal was to develop a pure physicochemical (non-biological), energy-efficient method for nutrient recovery from urine. . During a previous ConcepTT project, the second automated prototype was built and tested. During the tests "in the field" the same recovery percentages were achieved as in the lab. The SATURN technology has thus demonstrated its potential, but in order to be commercially competitive as a spin-off, several technological challenges have to be resolved. In addition, the marketing strategy and the business plan must be further elaborated. The final goal of this project is to establish a spin-off company based on SATURN technology.