LED Water 2016

01 January 2016 → 31 December 2016
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LED Water
Project description

  Slnds January 1, 2016 Vlakwa is a division of VITO. This co-operation forms part blnnen the operation of Vlakwa .Vlakwa various bundles (water) actors in Flanders and heett as operating doelstelllngen: noden- and new value-sensing circuits and coupled thereto initiate innovations and projects; as lntermediair cooperation in applied, complementa1re, and demand-driven research & amp; ontwlkkelings- & amp; support innovation activities; initiate and support demonstration projects; national and international water knowledge - gather experience and versprelden and support their valorisatle; providing strategic advice and coordinate support; identifying and creating new opportunities for innovation in European and international programs' programs; establish partnerships edge innovation and valorisation. One of the tools above objectives, and in particular within targets 5 and 7, " LED water network ultbouwen and support so that SMEs can make a maximum of appeal in an accessible way to inform colleges (based small (orienting) laboratory tests, bachelor's and master's theses, ...) " ;, to reallseren is the continuation of the LED-operation in the field of water technology. LED stands for barrier-Expertise and Services Center and was conceived as part of an ERDF 02 file, which across various domains LEDs were lngebed in the West Flemish colleges. These aim to provide first aid to businesses, especially micro-enterprises, and to advise nonprofit organlsaties, inform and guide the implementation of (new) technologies and methodologies. The LED operation is currently being put to financlele support of the POM West Flanders and overall support of the Agency's Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Innovation. GHENT UNIVERSITY offers, also from the Master In Industrlele Sciences Biochemistry, Chemistry and Environmental Studies and research in the Department of Industrial Biological Sciences on the specific expertise in the field of water technology to target 5 and 7, and in bljzonder LED operation to realize. GHENT UNIVERSITY may also submit an extensive track record in setting up dlenstverlening to and applied research projects including SMEs and in the context of the aforementioned ERDF D2 file and under the Vlakwa LED action (perlode January 2011-December 2015 ) has already successfully developed a LED operation in the field of for water technology. GHENT UNIVERSITY suggests including these experiences. The results and business cases of the LED operation 2008-2015 available Vlakwa and used as the basis to build a further LED-operation in the field of water technology for the benefit of Vlakwa. This particular LED operation is fully subscribed in the overall strategy and specific objectives of Vlakwa.