Flemish research project Urban Logistics and Mobility

01 July 2014 → 30 June 2016
Regional and community funding: various
Research disciplines
  • Engineering and technology
    • Urban and regional design, development and planning
Urban logistic and mobility
Project description

The purpose and the novelty of this research is that for the first time in Flanders all universities and two competence centers working around logistics and mobility, research will undertake that goes beyond (short), ad hoc missions or pilot case studies, or policy research. This will contribute to the general knowledge of urban logistics in Flanders and will cause all the inquiries already carried out in Flanders and beyond will be approached much more holistic through the complementarity between the different consortium partners. The high density and urbanization of the entire Flemish region, with emphatic containing the Flemish Diamond, also makes the very specific context, that specific research is needed on how they can be handled. It is a situation that is found in few other places in and where specific research needs to exist. A goal must be that our cities and our economic actors and stakeholders should evolve from urban logistics and mobility perspective followers to continue rekers supported by academic basic research focuses on innovative concepts that facilitate urban logistics and mobility and applied research towards enterprises for which the cooperation of the excellence centers provides added value. This should lead to better quality of life in our cities and on the other hand can lead to economic efficiency gains for the industry.