Iranian PhD student, Siavash Manafi Khajeh Pasha

01 January 2015 → 31 December 2018
Funding by bilateral agreement (private and foundations)
Research disciplines
  • Engineering and technology
    • Structural engineering
    • Other civil and building engineering
softening flow
Project description

Its main task is the comprehensive analysis of the measurements taken during the field trial zettingsvloeiing in the Westerschelde in 2014. He, building on the first analysis conducted by Deltares. The original goal was to determine whether there during zettingsvloeiingsproef there was a '' verwekingsvloeiing '' or '' bresvloeiing '. Because not really has encountered a large-scale flow, that question seems to be already more or less answered during the test. His task will therefore be to analyze why in addition to the large spontaneous flow which in July led to the same flow, and under what circumstances the dredging would have led to a large flow. In addition to the analysis of the measurements and immerse themselves in the available computational models, and he will also triaxial tests, and bezinkproeven trials to determine performance of the red light speed (parameter in a bresvloeiing). The focus of his PhD on measurements and laboratory research. This is in addition to the digital work that is carried out through MPM (probably mainly zettingsvloeiing), and the work that is carried out in the group of Professor van Ree to the Delft University of Technology (mainly bresvloeiing). It is emphatically called the task Siavash to maintain contact with these groups so that his work can be toeleverend to the work of these groups, or that he uses the work of those groups.