Design from recycling

01 November 2015 → 31 October 2017
Regional and community funding: IWT/VLAIO
Research disciplines
  • Engineering and technology
    • Ceramic and glass materials
    • Materials science and engineering
    • Semiconductor materials
    • Other materials engineering
Project description

The goal of '' Design from Recycling 'is the Flemish SME's to provide the necessary knowledge and support to design / produce more and better products from recycled plastics and to quantify the sustainability of these products . The specific target is the Flemish companies involved in developing and manufacturing plastic products on the one hand and recyclers of plastic on the other. This target comprises a 150-numerous designers, 350 plastic processors (mainly injection molding and extrusion), sorters / recyclers and 20 mold builders. The various sub-groups are represented in the user group. Most target companies (except recyclers) are SME's