Challenges for HR: Selection and order assignment in Flemish primary and secondary schools

01 October 2014 → 31 January 2016
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personnel Flemish schools
Project description

Research Questions 1. How does the staffing in schools? a. How many new teachers enter the school? b. How many teachers left the school? c. How the task distribution look like in school? d. What is the ratio between the number of teachers assigned to requirement ADEQUATE and other qualifications in the school? 2. How to select schools new teachers? a. Being a profile made first with criteria requirements (required qualification, skills, etc.)? b. Who takes the initiative: school board or school leader? c. Through which channels is wanted (vdab, private databases of dome, over the list school community or school board, through its own list)? d. What is the role of the school in this (confer priority scheme i.v.m. Tadd and permanently appointed)? e. What is the shape of the selection process (CV, references, interview, rotate in school)? f. Is differentiated approach to length of contract (short versus long interim period of employment) or as wanted progiel (eg professionally)? 3. What tasks are allocated within the school? a. How does the task of novice / new teachers in the school form? b. What policy choices are made HINTS contract distribution by grade, study, courses, teaching duties and competences of teachers? c. Are there changes in order assignment takes place at the existing teachers? For what reason? d. How much say teachers themselves in this? e. What is the role of the school in this (confer priority scheme i.v.m. Tadd and permanently appointed)? 4. What influence selection and task assignment welfare of teachers (both new and experienced teachers)? a. b job satisfaction. Organizational commitment c. Intention to leave the school / education d. What role herein teacher characteristics (demographic characteristics, autonomy and efficiency perception of teachers? 5. What role do school variables in the selection and contract award process? A. Participatory decision b. Collegiality C. Leadership