editorial assignment for a publication on master plans in the school building - lot 1

11 May 2009 → 02 November 2010
Regional and community funding: various
Research disciplines
  • Engineering and technology
    • Structural engineering
    • Other civil and building engineering
school construction
Project description

1. Comparative study of the newly formatted master plan allows bringing our view may have some questions, concerns and working hypotheses from the previous inquiry into clearer and clearer to illustrate. The study would aim to present some of our recommendations and conclusions of the investigation report in a comprehensive manner and to substantiate. 1) our plea to pay more attention to the spatial coherence of the school complex 2) our plea to pursue the spatial integration of the school in its wider environment. 3) our recommendation to add a phase of study on the current grant procedures. 2. An evaluation of the created master plans gives us the opportunity to hold a number of concerns from previous research, reassessed. We are thinking in particular of our proposal to the government - as Flemish government, but also the infrastructure services of GO !, also local governments and school boards - to invest in the start-up process prior to construction. We hope that we are confronted by a critical review of the master plan and the listing of the possible questions to the government, to enforce our plea for the strategic review of the existing financial procedures. 3. We assume that certain problems that occur on school sites for which a master plan was drawn up, also apply to other school buildings. The order of the various projects should be planned - all of which were made with a specific purpose - to highlight a number of issues that are generalizable and so in other cases. 4. From the review of the annual master plans must obviously indicate whether the master is the most appropriate instrument to add a phase of study on the current grant procedures.