Injectable gel as a solution to minimize seroma formation

Gel in the pocket
15 April 2023 → 14 April 2024
Regional and community funding: Industrial Research Fund
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Project description

Gelinject is an injectable hydrogel, originally developed to be applied in the human health market, to improve minimally invasive breast reconstruction by lipofilling. Recently, a medical need within the veterinary market was brought to our attention - where Gelinject can provide an answer to - namely the need for a solution to minimize post-operative seroma formation. Seroma is an abnormal collection of serous fluid within the tissues of the body and is a common postoperative complication, especially in dogs that undergo major surgery. To answer this unmet clinical need for a seroma preventative, a biocompatible and easy to apply biomaterial is desired.  Gelinject could be injected into the wound bed to act as both a space filler and a bio-adhesive, in order to reduce fluid accumulation in the pocket. This project aims to (1) further optimize the product for seroma prevention indication and (2) to deliver an industry/clinically-relevant in vivo proof-of-concept, which will allow us to initiate a broader valorization trajectory for Gelinject - beyond the human health market – in veterinary medicine.