Inventory and critical reviewn of international reports on health effects of exposure to extremeley low-frequency electromagnetic fields

24 November 2022 → 23 February 2024
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Research disciplines
  • Medical and health sciences
    • Biostatistics
  • Engineering and technology
    • Microwaves, millimeter waves and THz components and circuits and systems
low-frequency electromagnetic fields health exposure
Project description

This study aims to identify and interpret evidence-based international review reports on
health effects of extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields - at either acute, subacute or chronic exposure - and interpret them in terms of methodology used and results. In addition, specific attention should be paid to possible health effects in the vicinity of extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields, the occurrence or non-occurrence of clusters of cases around high-voltage lines, evolution of pathologies associated with extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields and results of several large studies and reports.
draw conclusions regarding biological and health effects
This study aims to map the scientificeevi dence for biological and health effects of extremely low-frequency non-ionising radiation by listing key international review reports, identifying differences and similarities, identifying gaps and deriving general conclusions.