subcontract part of 'food consumption' with FPS Public Health

01 January 2013 → 31 May 2015
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Research disciplines
  • Medical and health sciences
    • Public health care
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Food Consumption Survey
Project description

Scientific and methodological cooperation for food consumption in, children, adolescents and adults. task package: Preparation of a new Epic-soft version for children and adults, based on the VCP version 2009-1 version that is later broken in an interview session and a data entry version - add / modify some descriptors - Adding formulas ... Finished and workload are only feasible if no additional major adjustments, with the corresponding impact on various Epic soft files are needed within the Epic-soft version 2009. The use / selection of a new book as well as any obligation of ranking foods in new / different food groups in Epic-soft can imply major changes which increases the workload. Discussion and review of the workload at the latest the end of April 2013 Providing recommendations / Preparation of documents relating to the eetdagboekjes- children for data entry version. Practicing EMP platform. Preparation of a Epic-soft hand steering, Epic-soft training information for the dietitians. Giving Epic-soft training, in collaboration with dietician of the IPH, for French speakers. Support for a two-odd months, the dietician IPH at the start of the fieldwork: - support for the control and processing of F1 screens - support in any adjustment of the dieticians Advisory function, attending meetings of the Scientific Committee and supporting the dietician of the IPH, at a rate of three days per month. Writing the final report. Final Report (scientific) transfer to the ISP Final report (academic and financial) transfer to the ISP.