New integrated smart mobility options

01 March 2013 → 31 December 2015
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integrated smart mobility options
Project description

NISTO New Integrated Smart Mobility Options EC Interreg IVB North West Europe (NWE) 358K-NISTO Prof. S. Gautama

At the moment, there are numerous mobility concepts being developed and transport pilots being implemented in Northwest European
cities and regions. Pilots on electric mobility, car-to-car communication, mobility management, smartphone apps on public transport
services and city logistics to name only a few of them. Public and private organizations and especially the EU commission spend billions
of Euros in the current funding programmes (2007-2013) for the testing of innovative approaches. This has its origin in the urban growth
that cities worldwide are experiencing: More and more people are moving to the cities which results in a higher demand for transport,
whilst at the same time emissions need to be reduced to enable a certain living quality in high populated urban areas. The need for
alternative transport modes and changing infrastructure is great.

The partners will develop a new integrated evaluation tool kit for European cities to support the integration of mobility and transport
concepts in order to optimise the transport system, whilst at the same time maintain or improve environmental quality.
The partnership will work on finding a consensus on their idea of smart and sustainable transport. This will be the basis for the whole
project and will also be discussed with the stakeholders in the partner regions to come to a transnationally acceptable vision that is of
relevance for NWE. The partners will also use running pilots and new demonstration projects in a two-step process to test and verify the
functionalities of the tool kit.