Industrial Symbiosis Hub

01 January 2020 → 31 December 2020
European funding: various
Research disciplines
  • Engineering and technology
    • Materials recycling and valorisation
    • Metals recycling and valorisation
    • Environmental technologies
    • Resources engineering
    • Sustainable development
    • Systems design
sustainable development waste recycling Industrial Symbiosis
Project description

To introduce industrial symbiosis quickly and at a wide range of studies in universities the Industrial Symbiosis Hub is set up. This hub stimulates industries to bring their questions and challenges on closing the material loops to universities as course or graduate assignments for a broad range of studies (business, engineering, management). The hub directs the assignments to students, offering placements for students at industries with mentors from industries on the theme of industrial symbiosis. The hub organises seminars to introduce industrial symbiosis with students, industries and university staff. The hub also organises feedback sessions to discuss the work of students as well to discuss the challenges on industrial symbiosis in general.

With the hub the students are introduced with industrial symbiosis via open seminars and feedback and discussion sessions. With the assignments offered via university staff or assignment “markets” the students can integrate industrial symbiosis questions in their courses or graduation. University staff is also invited to the seminars and sessions, and the hub directs assignments to the right section in a university. In feedback sessions with professors and university teachers the challenges of industrial symbiosis are discussed with the aim to integrate this in their Master courses.

The hub offers industries affordable first assessments on their challenges on industrial symbiosis by offering them as assignments to students. The assignments always need to be approved by university staff. Students taking the assignments are supported by mentors form the university and industry. The interaction between university staff and industry gives the chance to further develop research assignments for staff. This is valuable for the universities, as well as the time saved by the hub on looking for course and graduate assignments.