Carcass Classification 2012

01 January 2012 → 31 December 2012
Research disciplines
  • Agricultural and food sciences
    • Agricultural animal production
    • Veterinary medicine
carcass classification
Project description

1. Follow-up of the scientific and practical developments in the field of carcass classification 2. Training and continuing education of officials of the Agriculture and Fisheries 3. Support the evaluation of classifiers and regulators cattle 4. Support the evaluation of classifiers and supervisors pig carcasses. 5. Operational keeping the test procedure with a view to explaining the then rail equipment reliable and conform installed in pig slaughterhouses located in Flanders and the reporting of the executed test procedures 6. Testing new methods and apparatus for grading pig and cattle with for recognition 7. support the development of a standard method for determining the conformation of carcases 8. Technical and scientific support officers DLV, responsible for carcass classification 9. Participation in the meetings of the committee CLIP 10 . Acting as an expert for the Flemish Region during meetings and missions of the European Union 11. Advising DLV on the regulation and control it