Transformative chemistry for a sustainable energy future

01 March 2019 → 29 February 2020
European funding: framework programme
Research disciplines
  • Engineering and technology
    • Modelling, simulation and optimisation
synthetic fuels
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Project description

The rationale of Energy-X is to develop the science as well as technology enabling a sustainable production of synthetic fuels for energy storage and as feedstock for the chemical and materials industry. Energy-X brings together interdisciplinary academic research (chemistry, physics, engineering and economic science) with cross-industrial technological expertise (chemical, engineering, utilities, mobility, agriculture) to provide a platform for future chemical energy conversion technology in Europe. Energy-X will contribute disruptive new science and technology enabling efficient conversion of solar and wind energy into chemical form and will combine this ambition with scale-up to industrially relevant conditions by integrating with European industry. Energy-X will also transfer the knowledge into two demonstration projects: manufacturing of carbon-neutral aviation fuels and decentralized production of fertilizers with no CO2 footprint.

Role of Ghent University
The Centre for Sustainable Chemistry (CSC) at Ghent University will develop several models from the nano-scale to the scale of a complete chemical plant, in order to make sure that developments based on new chemical reactions can be implemented in demonstration projects. This will contribute to the transition towards a CO2-neutral economy and allow a growing number of people on Earth access to the energy and materials characterizing modern life while reducing our environmental footprint and abating climate change. UGent Centre for Sustainable Development (CDO) will focus on the interplay between the innovations envisioned in Energy-X and society. Challenges related to societal and policy aspects will be identified in order to address them in an early stage of the project.