Research into the link between psychosocial stress at work and occupational accidents in Belgium

01 September 2009 → 01 August 2010
Federal funding: various
Research disciplines
  • Social sciences
    • Social psychology
psychosocial stress
Project description

To meet dangerous situations and avoid the management, investigation and prevention of accidents must remain a priority in our business. The work and safety have been the subject of various analyzes and problem solving research. The practices were examined simultaneously in the scientific literature and were employed in enterprises have evolved gradually. First, technical measures were taken to protect the machine operator and to prevent explosions and cave-ins. Then there preventive measures were taken based on the selection, training and motivation of staff. At the same time it can contribute to the emergence of ergonomics, risk analysis, and the investigation of human error as a research field. A track where prevention can be improved today, clearly situated at the level of psychosocial factors1, and the promotion of security in the company. So the mission of the FPS ELSD consisted of conducting an investigation into the relationship between psychosocial aspects at work and accidents at work in Belgium. This project aimed to realize a reference work of psychosocial factors and to formalize these in the form of a questionnaire.