Innovation and broadening instrument Psychosocial Reception and Evaluation (IPEO & KIPEO)

01 January 2018 → 31 March 2019
Regional and community funding: various
Research disciplines
  • Social sciences
    • Clinical and counseling psychology
    • Other psychology and cognitive sciences
  • Medical and health sciences
    • Psychiatry and psychotherapy
    • Psychiatry and psychotherapy
    • Nursing
    • Other paramedical sciences
    • Psychiatry and psychotherapy
Project description

The project focuses on the modifications to the existing IPEO and KIPEO instruments in collaboration with the professional field. Suicide is an important issue in Flanders. In 2011, 1152 persons died as a result of suicide (Source: Flemish Agency for Care and Health) and there are about 10,000 people who end up in emergency room services as a result of a suicidal attempt (Source: Unit for suicide research, UGent). The Health Survey shows that 5% of Flemish women and men have thought of suicide in the past year (Source: WIV, 2013). When examining lifetime serious thoughts of suicide, almost 13% of Flemish men and women have ever thought of suicide. Suicidal thoughts form an important component in the suicidal process, which evolves from suiddal thoughts that can vary from vague, sporadic thoughts to more concrete plans and can end with suicidal behavior. Suicide always comes from a complex combination of different causes and risk factors. Important risk factors that can be distinguished are neurobiological risk factors, psychological risk factors, social risk factors and psychiatric risk factors. The majority of persons with suiddal thoughts have a psychiatric disorder, with depression most often occurring and to a lesser extent an anxiety disorder. Other factors that are frequently associated with suiddal thoughts are hopelessness and worrying / ruminating. The IPEO and KIPEO are instruments that provide tools to make contact with the supreme person, to engage in a conversation and to identify risk factors and protective factors.