A Constructionist Micro-Typology of Concessive Conditionals in Present-Day German: Patterns of Formal and Functional Variation

01 October 2021 → 31 October 2021
Regional and community funding: Special Research Fund
Research disciplines
  • Humanities
    • German language
    • Corpus linguistics
    • Grammar
    • Pragmatics
    • Semantics
concessive conditionals allostructions family of constructions intersective gradience QUD (question under discussion) inquisitive semantics speech act scenario usage-based Construction Grammar
Project description

This project is the first large-scale investigation of concessive conditionals (CCs) within usage-based CxG. German ‘universal’ and ‘alternative’ CCs are connected by intersective gradience to predicates embedding interrogatives. Using extensive corpus data, the project will create a constructionist micro-typology of German CCs, document the cline linking CC protases to predicates and provide a formalised account of the cline’s discourse basis.