Development and harmonization of direct urinalysis quantitative methods for thresold substances

15 March 2008 → 14 March 2009
International funding: global institutions
Research disciplines
  • Medical and health sciences
    • Urology and nephrology
    • Urology and nephrology
    • Urology and nephrology
urinalysis steroid
Project description

The current project would develop direct LC-MS quantification methods for all WADA threshold substances with a minimal sample preparation procedure. The developed methods would then be implemented and validated in all participating laboratories and a common measurement uncertainty estimate would be made to harmonize methodologies and decision limits (concentration above which a sample can be regarded as exceeding the threshold taking into consideration MU). As such the project would not only harmonize methodologies
but also decision criteria leading to a more uniform interpretation of results. Moreover, taking into account the simplified sample preparation and the extensive harmonization of these methods among the participating laboratories it can be expected that the inter-laboratory variation will be lower than currently. Such a reduction in inter-lab variability is a primary objective for an adequate use of individual athlete passports with biometrical data.