Mathematical translation of a report from the V&T research

15 June 2013 → 14 June 2014
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Project description

The contract involves the screening of a report by professors from TU Delft, commissioned by the Flemish-Dutch Scheldt Commission, as part of a two year research program that was developed by the Dutch Government and the Flemish Government for the safety and accessibility of the Scheldt estuary depth analysis. This report emphatically drawn attention to the changes in the tidal estuary in recent decades. In particular, highlighted the effects that these changes mean for the sludge management. This report is the existence of Flanders very adverse risk revealed with potentially major implications for Flanders many areas, such as access to the ports and the naturalness and safety in the Scheldt estuary up the Flemish-Dutch border. Before to get started with the results of this report in preparing policy frameworks of the Flemish Government, it is desirable that a French version of this report to be independent of other Dutch-Flemish academic peer review actions that follow on this report .