Adaptation of the SCIROCCO Tool and the 12 dimensions to the multidisciplinary practice of the primary care councils + Review of the SCIROCCO Tool to the concept of Goal-oriented care

01 July 2021 → 31 December 2021
Regional and community funding: various
Research disciplines
  • Social sciences
    • Health policy
  • Medical and health sciences
    • Primary health care
    • Public health services not elsewhere classified
health services research health policy integrated care goal oriented care primary care transformation
Project description


The EU project Scirocco Exchange promotes knowledge sharing and implementation of integrated care at regional and local level within nine EU regions. The Flemish Agency for Care and Health has been a partner of Scirocco Exchange since 2018. The Scirocco tool is a tool that measures the readiness and maturity for integrated care within a region or organization based on twelve dimensions. The tool is used to identify strengths and areas for improvement for integrated care. The use of the tool in first-line care and the pathways towards the development of a policy plan was recommended by the VIVEL Board of Directors in January 2020. In addition, Scirocco is showing interest in the concept of goal-oriented care, which VIVEL is also strongly promoting. The tool still needs to be adapted to the Flemish first-line care and to the concept of goal-oriented care.


The adaptation of the Scirocco tool is an iterative process in which several rounds are completed and the tool is adapted based on this feedback. The first round is a brainstorming session with stakeholders from primary care, including the Flemish Patients Platform. In a next round, members of a care council fill in the Scirocco tool according to the method of cognitive interviewing. In a final round, VIVEL provides feedback on the adapted Scirocco tool.


The adapted Scirocco tool will support primary care councils in determining the strengths and weaknesses with regard to integrated care in the region. Based on this, the care councils can draw up their policy plan for the region.