Project: Arts Act 2011: project city line 19

03 October 2011 → 30 September 2013
Regional and community funding: various
Research disciplines
  • Humanities
    • Architectural design
    • Architecture
    • Art studies and sciences
    • Interior architecture
  • Engineering and technology
    • Architectural engineering
    • Architecture
    • Interior architecture
Space for infrastructure
Project description

The Flemish spatial context is characterized by a very dense network of infrastructure, a collection of little meaningful places, including entered was assigned from an economic logic design where a subordinate role ( '' network ''). The City Line project 19. Space infrastructure addresses the fundamental question of how this infrastructure can have a place and can claim a role in the contemporary Flemish spatial context and society. The present case indicates to want to respond to a reality that imposes itself faster today and will provide a platform for exchange of views on and interpretations of the space infrastructure. This application for a project (Phase 1) xordt made to take the first step and larger project (second phase) which would require a new application next year. The project is framed within the research on infrastructure at the Department of Architecture and Urbanism and the Urban Lab (University of Ghent).