High performance spectrophotometry for in situ and combinatorial measurements

01 May 2018 → 30 April 2022
Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO)
Research disciplines
  • Natural sciences
    • Applied mathematics in specific fields
    • Classical physics
    • Optical physics
Project description

Spectrophotometry, a combination of optical transmission and reflection measurements in the (energy) range from ultraviolet to infrared, is a highly versatile tool for studying a wide range of materials. It can be used to investigate energy efficient windows, solar cell devices, telescope mirrors, pigments, the color of plant leaves, tooth implants and paints, the quality of antireflection coatings, the transparency of liquids and dispersions, the safety of sunscreen, …. Most often, these measurements are conducted at room temperature in air, using instruments of limited resolution. The present project will perform high resolution experiments with variable temperature, pressure and gas atmospheres, allowing to study degradation phenomena, chemical reactions and changes of material properties as a function of environmental conditions. In addition, we aim to automate large series of measurements, to follow, for example, the homogeneity of the optical properties of large samples or the angle-dependent reflection properties of ‘shiny’ surfaces. The new equipment will contribute significantly to the research in a multitude of applications and provide a strong asset for all 16 promoters from the 3 different faculties involved (Sciences, Engineering & Architecture and Medicine).