Experimental validation of a novel 3D-reactor geometry for steam cracking

15 October 2018 → 14 October 2019
Regional and community funding: Industrial Research Fund
Research disciplines
  • Engineering and technology
    • Other materials engineering not elswhere classified
Steam cracking experimental validation 3D reactor geometry
Project description

The aim of this ConcepTT project proposal is to deliver a technical proof-of-concept for a patent application on a novel, innovative 3D reactor geometry for steam cracking reactor coils.

As the priority filing of the patent application is based on simulation results only, the objective is to have two different test sections constructed and experiments performed to assess flow and

heat transfer in the tube. As such additional data will be produced to strengthen the patent application. The technical proof-of-concept can be considered as ‘he next step’in the valorization of the 3D

reactor technology and will allow to further engage with a reactor coil manufacturer to come to a licensing agreement.