Multidisciplinary exchange on psychosocial health of vulnerable young Ituri, DRC

15 November 2008 → 15 November 2009
Federal funding: various
Research disciplines
  • Social sciences
    • Parenting and family education
    • Specialist studies in education
vulnerable youths
Project description

In this project, we want to organize field visits for an inventory of the care of vulnerable children and training during two study days to establish a multidisciplinary dialogue on psychosocial health of children and vulnerable youth in Ituri (DRC). The academic world - the Department of Psychology UNIKIS DRC and the Department of Ghent University in Belgium the orthopedagogic and civil society in Ituri, have significant experience in this area. Exchange findings and experience between them, which simultaneously target the creation of a sustainable network, can contribute to an improvement in the quality of services provided by partners to vulnerable children themselves and their social environment and the development of the DRC. These actions will be preceded by a visit to UNIKIS colleagues from Ghent University for a university exchange on education and research on this subject.