innovative High tEmperAture ThErmal stoRage for iNdustrial AppLications

01 May 2023 → 31 October 2026
European funding: framework programme
Research disciplines
  • Engineering and technology
    • Thermodynamic processes
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Project description

Industrial processes in the EU released 351 Mtons CO2e in 2020, 8% less than in 2019. In many cases, continuous, high-temperature heat is needed for these processes, and no viable decarbonization solution exists today. Viable, short-term thermal energy storage (up-to 48-hours) would enable the replacement of fossil fuels by industrial waste-heat and renewable electricity.

HEATERNAL unites 4 public research teams specialized in prototyping and modelling of thermal systems, phase-change materials and 3D-printing; 2 metals manufacturers; 2 ceramic manufacturers; 1 process engineering SME and equipment manufacturer; 1 SME specialized in LCA and technico-economic analysis; and 1 SME experienced in dissemination and communication. They aim to prototype and model a new thermal energy storage concept combining strong scientific and industrial know-how: (i) innovative phase-change materials and unit designs allowing to increase the unit energy density by 350% versus ceramic bricks, and (ii) manufacturing experience ensuring that materials and units can be rapidly implemented in factories by 2030. Thus, the project will yield a 50kWh prototype (TRL5) and models of the upscaled storage system connected to factories.

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