Use of biocides on pig and poultry farms and relation to the problem of antimicrobial resistance

01 January 2015 → 31 March 2018
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antimicrobial resistance problem
Project description

Currentrly there is a lack of knowledge about the possible relation between the use of biocides in animal production and the development of antimicrobial resistance. This project focuses on answering the following research questions:
1. Which biocides are used in the poultry and pig husbandry in Belgium and what is the application mode and concentration of these products?
2. What is the effect of use of biocides in the studied sectors on selection for biocide and antibiotic resistance?
3. Do poultry and pig farm field isolates carry transferable resistances to biocides and antibiotics?
4. To what extent does biocide treatment influence transfer of resistance genes?
5. To what extent does adaptation of bacteria to biocides influence the viability of bacteria and their resistance to antimicrobial agents?