Determining relevant performance indicators in the centers for helpline and the centers for integrated family care under the format of an association dossier

01 December 2008 → 31 March 2009
Regional and community funding: various
Research disciplines
  • Social sciences
    • Business administration and accounting
    • Management
family care helpline services
Project description

This command concerns the determination of relevant performance indicators in the centers of remote reception and for integral family care centers in the context of the layout of an association file. This research has for its object the determination of relevant performance indicators which make it possible to measure the output of the operation of the proposed organizations with a view to improving the services and better identify the manner in which these organizations operate. Eventually it should be possible to link these indicators and financial indicators and ratios and provide any relevant information to adjust the eligibility criteria. In addition to the determination of relevant indicators must also be indicated The mode of which data are to be collected and the way in which they are to, or may be collected taking into account a minimum administrative burden for the organizations.