Detection of Infectious Noroviruses in Shellfish and Anti-viral Potential Study of Seafood

01 November 2011 → 31 October 2013
Federal funding: various
Research disciplines
  • Agricultural and food sciences
    • Fisheries sciences
Project description

The objectives of this research are defined as follows:
1. Detection of Noroviruses (NoVs) in popular shellfish species in Belgium and China using binding RT-PCR. To our knowledge this would be the first time to evaluate the infectious NoVs contamination in commercial shellfish.
2. Identification and function study of novel anti-NoVs components from potential functional seafoods. The anti-norovirus effects of compounds isolated from seafood (e.g. fucoidan, chondroitinsulfate and gangliosides from sea cucumber, polysaccharides from squid ink) to be investigated for potential antiviral activity towards NoVs