ICP Human Nutrition 2010-2011

01 October 2010 → 30 September 2011
Federal funding: various
Research disciplines
  • Agricultural and food sciences
    • Agricultural animal production
    • Agricultural plant production
    • Agriculture, land and farm management
    • Other agriculture, forestry, fisheries and allied sciences
human nutrition
Project description

The two-year Master program trains generally specialists with a multidimensional, updated and in-depth knowledge and expertise, so they in multidisciplinary teams an integrated policy adapted to the specific needs and capabilities of developing countries to design, implementation and evaluation. Students are taught and given the necessary leadership skills a thorough training in scientific and applied research in the areas relevant to them. Their training should contribute to sustainable rural development in which the food and nutrition security is envisaged as well as the eradication of poverty and inequality. (Millennium Development Goals in 2015).